Privacy policy REFQ

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the 'Policy') applies to every user (hereinafter 'User') of the website www.refq.com and the reference tool (hereinafter 'Website') and gives general information regarding the Users' personal details collected by REFQ B.V. (hereinafter 'REFQ'), how these details are used and how these details can be viewed and/or edited.

REFQ is responsible for the processing of Users' personal details. At all times, this will be done in compliance with all applicable legislation. REFQ reserves the right to change this Policy from time to time. Any changes to the Policy will be announced via this page. REFQ advises its Users to regularly check this page to see whether any changes have been made.

1. Collecting and processing of personal details

Via the Website, Users can contact REFQ for a variety of reasons, such as showing interest in REFQ's services (i.e. the creation of an account in order to obtain, manage and share references themselves) or to submit requests, questions or complaints to REFQ or request that REFQ contacts them. REFQ will only use the personal details submitted by the User in order to give a satisfactory response to the User's request, question or complaint.

REFQ also processes general details of visitors to the Website. In this regard, REFQ will collect data such as the anonymised IP address of the User's computer, the time of the submission and the data that the User's browser sends when visiting the Website. REFQ will use this data to optimise the function of the Website and will also conduct statistical analysis of visitor and click behaviour on the Website. We try to anonymise this data to the greatest extent possible.

Finally, REFQ also collects details of Users in order to comply with legislation applicable to REFQ or its functions.

The online REFQ environment (hereinafter 'REFQ reference tool') is accessible via the Website. The REFQ reference tool is accessible to users for the procurement, storage and sharing of references. Via a separate notification, we will inform anybody to whom this applies about the processing of personal details collected within the scope of the reference research and we will request permission to conduct these processing activities.

REFQ will respect the privacy of Users and will not sell the personal details of Users to third parties. These details will only be used for purposes described in advance and will be processed in compliance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens).

2. Cookies

REFQ makes use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved by the computer when visiting the website. The cookie stores the information filled in on the Website for use in subsequent visits, enabling the content of the Website to be tailored to suit the User in question. Cookies also enable REFQ to register visits to the Website and determine how often particular pages have been visited and which pages on the Website are the most popular. In addition, cookies enable REFQ to make the Website more user-friendly, for example, by saving the User's password so the User doesn't have to re-enter it every time he/she visits the Website.

REFQ makes use of Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, a cookie is also placed by Google via the REFQ Website that is used for Google's analytics services. Google Analytics is a Google service that enables monitoring of and reporting on how Users use the Website. The information collected by Google, including your IP address, will be anonymised to the greatest possible extent.

3. Access to personal details

The people within REFQ that require access to Users' personal details for the purposes of their position and/or a project or task – including the management board – also have access to this data. The 'need to know' principle applies to this access, which means that the access that the above-mentioned persons have to Users' personal details does not extend any further than is necessary for the performance of the position, project or task in question.

We will only provide Users' personal details to external parties that we hire to process data for us for the limited purposes described in this information in the event that we are legally obliged or legally entitled to do so.

All persons/external parties who have access to and possession of Users' personal details are subject to an obligation of confidentiality – with the exception of any legal provisions that oblige them to provide these details or in so far as is required to perform the task assigned – and must take the necessary measures to ensure confidentiality is maintained.

[It is the Users' responsibility to ensure that the computer that they use to access the Website and process their own details is adequately secure and protected against malicious software such as viruses. The User is aware that failure to take adequate security measures (e.g. a secure web browser, up-to-date antivirus software, personal firewall software, avoiding the use of software from dubious sources etc.) means he or she runs the risk of unauthorised third parties gaining access to the details and passwords that he or she uses to protect his or her details.]

Google is permitted to provide the data it collects within the scope of Google Analytics to third parties if these third parties have been authorised to process the data on Google\'s behalf or if Google is legally obliged to do so. REFQ has no influence on this matter.

4. Processing of personal details outside the Netherlands.

Users' personal details will be stored on a server in the Netherlands which is hosted by an external service provider based in Ireland.

REFQ will ensure that the processing of Users\' personal details in countries outside the Netherlands always takes place in compliance with security requirements or other requirements prescribed by law.

The information collected by Google within the scope of Google Analytics will be stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google's affiliation with the American Ministry of Trade's Safe Harbor programme constitutes a suitable level of protection for the processing of any personal details as required by the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens).

5. Storage term

Users' personal details will not be stored for any longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or further processed, or for as long as is provided for by law. The storage term can vary for different types of personal details.

6. Security of information

REFQ will ensure that Users' personal details are adequately secured against unauthorised usage, access or editing and unlawful destruction.

7. Entitlement to view, supplement or correct details

The User is entitled to view his/her own personal details, supplement/edit these details, correct particular inaccurate details or delete certain personal details. If a User wishes to exercise one of these rights or if the User has any questions or complaints regarding this Policy or the processing of his/her personal details, then the User can contact us via support@refq.com.

Privacy notification users REFQ.com

REFQ B.V. (hereinafter 'REFQ') specialises in conducting research into references and offers Users a free reference tool that they can use to digitally obtain, manage and share personal references.

Upon your request, REFQ will approach your referees via e-mail and ask them to provide a reference for you. During the conduct of this reference research, we will collect and process your personal details. The purpose of this notification is to inform you of which personal details we process, how we use, share and transfer this data, and how you can view and edit your personal details.

In this regard, we define the term 'Personal details' to include all data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

1. The reference tool

Users create their own account on our online reference tool which is accessible via www.refq.com. In your account, you can add referees. REFQ will then approach these referees via e-mail and ask them to provide a reference for you.

The reference research consists of an online questionnaire to be completed by your referee. We will then share the information with you in the form of a report.

The questions in the reference research relate to (i) qualitative aspects such as behaviour, style and character in previous positions, and (ii) the context of the position, such as the market conditions, culture, structure and team in which you worked.

The questionnaires completed by the referees are condensed into your report. The report will appear in your account almost immediately. You will also receive an e-mail notifying you of its arrival.

2. Processing of personal details

The following personal details will be collected and processed by REFQ:

  • your name, e-mail address, phone number, and profile photo
  • data on previous employment such as your position, organisation, role/project etc.
  • your relationship with the referee
  • details of your referee applicable during the reference period, such as their position and organisation at the time
  • the referees' answers to the questions included in the above-mentioned questionnaire

3. Collecting, sharing en using your personal details

REFQ will collect your personal details for the purposes of creating your account and obtaining references.

Your personal details will be stored in the REFQ reference tool on REFQ's servers, which are hosted by a third party.

REFQ will not share your personal details with third parties unless you share your references yourself. You can do this via: * A single reference (link or downloadable PDF) * Public references in your showcase (link)

4. Storage term

REFQ will store your references for as long as your account remains active. If you ask us to delete your account, we will delete all references and any other personal details we have relating to you.

5. Access to you personal details

Your personal details will be shared and used if necessary for the above-mentioned purposes. This means that we will share your personal details with REFQ employees in so far as is necessary for the conduct of the reference research and the compilation of the report. In addition, REFQ will display your references/showcase to visitors of the references that have been made public via a shareable link.

REFQ will ensure that the above-mentioned obligation to only share and use your personal details if this is necessary for the aforementioned purposes is also fully applicable to any third parties hired by REFQ for the conduct of reference research.

In addition, REFQ can provide all or some of your personal details to: (i) any persons to whom REFQ is obligated to provide your personal details in line with legislation applicable to REFQ, including, but not limited to, the Tax Authorities or other government bodies, (ii) any persons to whom you have given prior consent, and (iii) any persons to whom publication of your personal details is in the interests of REFQ.

Finally, REFQ is permitted to process your personal details: (i) in order to establish or exercise its legal rights, defend legal claims, or if otherwise required or permitted by applicable legislation, or (ii) if REFQ is of the opinion that publication of your personal details is appropriate within the scope of efforts to investigate, prevent and take action against illegal activities, suspected fraud or other offences; to protect and defend the rights, property, safety or security of REFQ or its customers, employees, suppliers or other parties; to comply with applicable legislation or to work together with law-enforcement agencies; or to enforce its general terms and conditions or other agreements.

6. Protection of your personal details

REFQ will process your personal details in an appropriate and careful manner and in compliance with the provisions of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens) and other applicable legislation relating to the processing of personal details. REFQ will also ensure that any third parties it hires also operate in accordance with this legislation.

REFQ will take all appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal details against loss or any type of unlawful processing in order to prevent any damage, injury or loss, any type of unauthorised inspection, editing or publication or any other unlawful processing of your personal details.

7. Transfer of personal details

It is possible that from time to time, hosting activities relating to the REFQ reference tool will require your personal details to be transferred to other countries both inside and outside the European Union. The personal details that will be transferred to other countries inside or outside the European Union will be protected in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Right to view, edit and delete your personal details

You have the right to view your personal details and to delete data. If you wish to exercise that right, or if you have any questions or comments regarding the use of your personal details, then you can contact us via support@refq.com.

Agreement to terms and conditions

By agreeing to REFQ's terms and conditions of use, you also consent to this privacy notification. You retain the right to withdraw this consent at a later date. However, REFQ is not liable for any damage relating to the withdrawal of your consent.