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Activate your portfolio...

The portfolio is your collection of references. It's where you obtain, store and present them. Every reference is shown on a card that allows you to view its progress. Once your reference is available, a quote from your referee's report will appear on the card.

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...and invite your first referee.

You can then invite your first referee straight away. In the wizard, fill in your own details and your referee's details that were applicable during the reference period. To help your referee, indicate what you want the reference for, e.g. a job or a specific project. Once you've added a personal message, your first invitation is just a few mouse clicks away!

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Your referee completes a short questionnaire...

Your referee will receive an invitation to complete a digital questionnaire. In roughly 15 minutes, we will ask relevant and searching questions about your behaviour, style and the environment in which you worked. Countless referees have already enthusiastically answered the brief and specialised questions. It's no fluke that we have been the number one specialist in obtaining references for years!

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...and you immediately receive the reference report

You will then immediately receive an extensive and professional reference report in your portfolio: three pages devoted to your referee's practical experience of you. We don't use star ratings or marks out of 10 – we offer a personal behavioural profile based on our experience with hundreds of reference interviews. And every extra reference you gain makes your profile ever more effective. It's your own personal quality certificate! You can download your report in PDF format, making it yours forever!

View an example PDF here.

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Designed to share...

References are for sharing. In your portfolio, you can determine which references to share, as well as how and where to share them. You can easily share reference links privately for your next job interview or pitch. You can also maximise your visibility by sharing your references publicly on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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...and publish in your showcase

In your showcase, you can display the references that you wish to share publicly. It allows you to easily publish references that are relevant to future assignments or jobs that you are seeking. You decide what people can see and your profile is directly accessible to all via www.refq.com/your-name. Your showcase is therefore the perfect place to show your skills and experience!

Take control of your career today!

People appreciate it when you value their opinions. So ask for references from your colleagues, clients or after a performance review. Every new reference gives potential clients and recruiters a more complete picture of your qualities.

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