Opinions make the difference

On the job market, other people's opinions are the decisive factor. REFQ allows you to make the most out of them. By building up a personal reference portfolio, you create your very own quality certificate! Looking for a new job or assignment? Present your references and give yourself an edge!

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Your entire career at a glance

REFQ reference portfolios provide an overview of your behaviour and style as assessed by others. By telling the story of your career, you immediately stand out from the crowd. It's a valuable addition to your profile, job interview, presentation, pitch, tender, bid etc.

Simple, fun and free

We have made it easy to digitally obtain references. In a few simple steps, you can create an account and use the wizard to invite referees. That's it! Getting references is finally fun! And not only that, it's absolutely free.

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The reference specialist

REFQ is the number one specialist in references. With us, you get a high-quality report rather than just a star rating or a single paragraph. Our years of experience have taught us exactly what information makes references valuable and how to make it easy and enjoyable to complete and read references. We also recommend visiting refqexecutive.nl for our HR services.

E-mail, share or print your references

You can easily share your references. After all, what else are they for?! Download them as a PDF or simply share links. Display your favourite references in your public showcase and stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. In this way, your references will always be compatible with your main communication methods.

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Take control of your career today!

People appreciate it when you value their opinions. So ask for references from your colleagues, clients or after a performance review. Every new reference gives potential clients and recruiters a more complete picture of your qualities.

How does it work?